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John Rooke - Thinking Out Loud

Saturday, December 07, 2013


Thinking out loud…and wondering if we all just flat out share too much “stuff” on line…

• Yo, Antonio Smith. Remember to pull the foot out of your mouth before you speak. Spying? Really? How about making some adjustments? The Patriots did. How about getting your butt handed to you – again – for a third straight time by New England? Yeah, that’s probably too embarrassing to mention. Let’s blame it on something else. 27 second half points. Must’ve been spying…

• Maybe Smith’s allegations against New England spies were in-house all along? Did you see where two Reliant Stadium security guards were fired from their jobs for posing for pictures with TB12? Way to go, Tom. Just shows you, you shouldn’t be such a nice guy all the time…

• With all of the hot stove stuff cooking this week and with football’s playoff season approaching…a friend of mine posted a gem on Facebook this week that I had all but forgotten about, so I thought I’d share it here. It’s pure brilliance. And it makes me realize how much I really miss the great George Carlin – funny, witty, satirical and downright spot on with his commentary. Baseball vs. Football? It’s a slam dunk…

• The Friars’ match up with Kentucky was widely anticipated, and while it was disappointing from a PC-perspective, the team did learn something about itself. I don’t believe the Wildcats could play much better than they did…they are supremely talented, and have SEVEN players who are legit NBA-potential 1st rounders. And Providence took their best shots, and played tough. They simply did not have all of the guns they needed to run with the bigger dogs. To really make a splash, Ed Cooley needs all of the parts healthy, and he won’t have that this year…

• No one feels worse about Kris Dunn’s situation than Cooley. Or Dunn, for that matter. Strong people figure out a way to persevere, however…and no one is going to feel sorry for the Friars around the Big East. True “teams” learn to suck it up, as Ed told me this week. This is a prime opportunity for someone else to step up…and pick up some slack…

• The Big East finally got a marquee win when Villanova knocked off Kansas a week ago. That’s fine, but it’s not near enough. While the league has done well for itself in scheduling strength and overall RPI, now it needs to win some games against ranked teams. Kentucky was simply too stacked for PC right now, although I would love a do-over if the Friars had Kris Dunn and Brandon Austin in the mix. Marquette, struggling in the backcourt to this point this season, faces rival Wisconsin after having lost to Arizona State and San Diego State. Someone else – somewhere else – needs to step up so all may benefit…

• The Atlantic-10 hasn’t done badly itself to start the year. UMass is nationally ranked, and in both PC and URI’s future this year. Dayton? Where the heck did that come from? Take note, Big East presidents. And two Top 25’s, to one for the Big East this week? Hmmm…

Rhode Island played a heck of a game Thursday night. Not aesthetically, mind you…but they played the way they had to in order to win – rough, reckless, tough, scrappy – you name it. It had to be a rock fight for them to win, and they almost pulled it off. Friar fans, at the end of the year, it will still count as a (road) win no matter the score or the style points. That’s all that matters…

• Save me the arguments I hear for PC playing URI twice-a-year again in basketball. Why? Will it really create more interest in hoops around here? You know, as basketball fans, we’d all be better served if we concentrated on actually getting our FOUR Division I schools to play off against each other in a “tournament style” setting at the Dunk every year. With Tim O’Shea building something special at Bryant, and Mike Martin returning to his alma mater at Brown to reinvigorate his program…the buzz would be back to create a true state champ. Win and advance. No big worries about RPI strength and playing someone in a “down year,” you might not have to face them. You’re only committed to two in-state games, not three…so it saves your schedule for someone else. Yes, I suppose that means it’s possible PC and URI might not play…but you could fix that (if needed) by pitting them against each other in an opening game. It’s new, it’s fresh. And it hasn’t been done around here before…

• I know it’s been 33 years since the two rivals have played twice in a year. But didn’t Thomas Wolfe once write “you can’t go home again?” In this case, it’s true. Things have changed. Now more than ever, PC needs to be committed to the new Big East, leaving them precious few chances to upgrade their non-league schedule. I’m not convinced that, in a down year, the team with the 2nd of the two games (if they played twice, and having lost the first) would have a packed crowd. The Friars and Rams struggle to get ONE packed crowd every year. PC fans don’t look at Rhody like URI fans look at the Friars – that’s a fact…

• In a year where both teams are at the top of their leagues, sure, two games would be exciting. How many times have both teams been in that spot over the past 10 years? 20 years? The two stopped playing twice a year largely due to the emergence of the “old” Big East. Whatever happened to progress continuing to move forward? This ain’t Obamacare

• One very important factor in this “let’s play two” discussion…the coaches don’t want to do it. Ask them. Their athletic directors/schedule makers will follow their wishes. End of story…

• Now, I will say this…at the cost of being blasphemous to some Friar fans. It’s not a private institution, but I wouldn’t be averse to giving URI a shot at the Big East if expansion ever comes into play again…and I do believe it will. Football, as we all know, doesn’t drive the bus in Kingston. Can’t see that as an obstacle. From a regional/travel sense, it might make sense/cents, even if their addition doesn’t add another “media market.” If Dan Hurley continues to make progress and gets the Rams to the top of the A-10…if the rivalry between PC and URI has changed from the more “heated” days of the ‘80’s, why couldn’t this be considered now? Just a thought…

• Thought it was great to have the game showcased nationally on CBS Sports Network Thursday night, and to have ex-Friar coach Pete Gillen calling it was even more fun. His perspective certainly is/was relevant. Brendan McGair of the Pawtucket Times/Woonsocket Call had a good piece this week on the first national exposure for the game in more than 20 years. It’s a start for both programs in trying to raise the regional/national level of their “brands…”

Tweet of the Week I – from Eric Scalavino of Patriots Football Weekly (@E_Scal): “If you give your true love every gift from the “12 Days of Christmas,” it’ll cost $27,393.17 this year, according to a report on the radio…”

• I don’t care what Bill Belichick said…Stevan Ridley’s healthy scratch last week against Houston was just plain dumb. It was an exercise in “who’s the boss?” If you really wanted to make a point, how about suiting him up and then sitting him down…rather than embarrassing him by making him inactive, so the TV cameras could focus on his “status” on the sidelines and turn a “non-story,” as you might call it…into a story? Stupid is as stupid does

• 46 guys were ahead of him in the game plan? Uh, sure coach. This is one reason why some in the media “hate” Belichick. He plays us for fools. He’s only your best running back. Yes, he fumbles. Coach him better, maybe he won’t fumble as much? To borrow a phrase, “it is what it is…”

Tweet of the Week II – from @Patriots: “FB James Develin’s journey from @BrownUniversity to @theUFL to the @NFL..."

Not for nuthin’…but the Seattle Seahawks don’t look as if they’ll be beaten at home. They punched New Orleans in the mouth last Monday, and the Saints turtled. Good thing the Super Bowl is a neutral site affair, destined for the cold clime of Met Life Stadium in New Jersey this year. A cold-weather team will have a shot to punch back…

• Let me get this straight…David Ortiz shaved his playoff beard, and the remnants of said-beard then fetched $11K? I mean, charity is one thing. I’m a pack rat when it comes to saving stuff, but even I will draw the line on saving shavings from another man’s facial hair…

• Salty out, off to Florida with a new three-year deal…A.J. Pierzynski in…a one year deal for a 37-year old catcher whose OPS was 80 points lower than Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s…but it does set up a lefty/righty combo behind the plate with David Ross. And, he hits .322 career at Fenway, with no (as in zero) HR’s…

• You’re right. Pierzynski has been around awhile. He was a HS teammate of Johnny Damon’s in Orlando…

• So…the market for free agent Jacoby Ellsbury was bullish, huh? Can you really say you’re shocked to learn the Yankees “won” his rights? Of course not. Can’t imagine too many other teams were in there at the number he signed for, but really…can you blame him? We’d all jump for that kind of cash if given the opportunity. It’s the 4th largest free-agent deal ever given by the Yanks, and the 3rd largest free agent contract signed by an outfielder. And, the “rivalry” needed a booster shot…

• From the moment the Yankees missed the playoffs, you had to know they were steaming that the Red Sox WERE IN THEM. Boston winning the World Series only grates against their nerves. First, sign Brian McCann. Next, swipe Ellsbury from the Sox. Game on, again…

• Besides, I’m not worried. He may be hurt before he faces the Sox at Fenway in April…

• Finish the sequence: Babe Ruth, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon

• You know, like I said…I don’t begrudge the chance to make life-altering money. But all you need to know about many pro athletes today is what Curt Schilling said when he was asked if he’d have taken a wad of cash from the Yankees after playing in Boston: “No way.” Even Damon said on WEEI this week he wished he could have stayed in Boston. If Ellsbury had cared enough…and wanted to stay with the Sox, he would have. The guy turned down several chances to sign extensions. Enjoy your cash, Ells. Just sayin’

• If you’re a Yankee fan, I’m not really sure how you can be completely happy with this move short of the simple fact you signed Ellsbury AWAY from Fenway. NY is now locked into two big contracts with Brian McCann’s deal…leaving precious little cash (even for NY) to re-sign Robinson Cano. Which Seattle just did. Or Curtis Granderson. Hello, Mets. Oops

• One more thought here…what happens if A-Fraud’s $$$ doesn’t come off the books? Signing Ellsbury for $22 million per year, with all of the other needs they now need to address (can anyone play in the infield?)…seems like a mighty big risk. Glad it’s you in this shape. Glad the Dodgers kept the Sox from being right there with you, too…

• Note to Sox: Get Mike Napoli signed - DONE, get in on Shin-Soo Choo, and drive Stephen Drew’s price up. Yeah, that’ll work…

Tweet of the Week III – from @ChrisCarlinSNY: “Ellisbury’s contract was responsible, but Cano’s wasn’t? Hmmm. Last 4 yrs: Ellsbury missed 264 games. Cano missed 7. I heart you people…”

Nelson Mandela’s death this week at age 95 brought an amazing life to an end, but if anyone’s legacy lives on, it will be his. An icon in the fight against apartheid and global racism, he was responsible for the World Cup stage-setting in South Africa in 2010. My most memorable Mandela moment wasn’t from the news coverage following his release from 27 years in prison, or his ascendency to becoming the first black South African president, but when he appeared at the Rugby World Cup in 1995, in front of 63,000 mostly white supporters in Johannesburg, and they cheered “Nelson! Nelson! Nelson!” Remarkable…

• Did you catch any of the World Cup 2014 draw “show” on Friday? First, Group G (where the USA resides) is a killer, included with Germany, Portugal and Ghana. Second, why can’t the NFL Draft get a co-host like that up on the podium with Roger Goodell? Whoa

• I’ve seen a few fantastic finishes in my lifetime, but I’ve never seen anything like what happened in the Auburn-Alabama game last week. That wasn’t just unbelievable, it was literally indescribable. Disney would reject the script for its pure fantasy. To have that kind of ending for a game of that magnitude – I don’t blame the radio guys for going a bit nutso. Then again…you always have to remember to tell the story, which they pretty much did. Holy cow, indeed. Everyone else was going nutso, too…

• Want another fantastic finish? How about Shabazz Napier winning it for UConn at the buzzer against Florida this week? Hasn’t Napier been at UConn for like, six years now? Sure seems like it…

• Think anyone who had their flight cancelled was upset when they saw this happening? Delta bumped an entire flight for the Florida Gator basketball team, so they could get to UConn (and get beat on that buzzer-beater by Napier)…

• As a sidebar to the entire Auburn-Alabama affair, Auburn officials noticed cremated remains were left behind on their sideline during the cleanup and aftermath of the Tigers’ miracle win. No, they weren’t Bama’s national title hopes lying there on the turf like a dead bird…but likely the remains of a fan – or a pet – spread on the field. School officials noted it’s not an uncommon practice for fans wanting their final resting place to be Jordan-Hare Stadium, where the team plays…

DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium

• Damn, someone stole my idea. Always wanted to have my remains spread on the North end zone turf at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

• It might as well be a million miles from here…but the unseemliness of college football wafted this way in the Steve Sarkisian-to-USC deal that went down. First, the Trojans crapped all over Ed Orgeron, who came in and cleaned up the mess that Lane Kiffin had made…after leading USC to an inglorious 62-41 thumping against Arizona State. Then, they told Orgeron – “gee thanks Ed, but we’re going another direction” – and hired Sarkisian, a former USC assistant (and alum) who had been at Washington…in the same conference (Pac-12). Oh, and Sarkisian had said in a radio interview TWO HOURS prior to being named coach he wasn’t going “anywhere…”

• I’m reminded of a quote from Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” This definitely applies in college football…

This, you gotta love. Do you get worked up playing video games, and occasionally “yell” at the monitor when you mess up, or when something goes wrong? Sure you do. In the new NBA2K14, curse at the TV, and you get a “T.” I kid you not…

• All I want is real truth in advertising. You know those Cialis TV commercials – like the one where the couple is on a couch watching football, and the wife (at least, it could be the wife) gets excited over a play and the guy stares her down like she’s some movie starlet and starts to give her a smooch? Come on, man! That would NEVER happen in real life. How many men do you know who could actually be interrupted from watching a game?

• Then again, if food is involved…ok, you have my attention. For the length of a two-minute commercial…

• My buddy “Big E” shared this with me recently, as we pondered yet another political goofball making headlines: “Think about how stupid the average politician seems, and then realize half of them are stupider than that…”

• Here’s the thing…after looking at countless HUNDREDS of cute baby pictures and also finding a few needlessly grotesque photos of personal injuries and other vulgarities in my own timelines, I wonder – do we just share TOO much information when posting stories and photos via social media? I read a great article this week that asked the very same question, and I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, we do share too much. It’s ok to share SOME info – news, that job promotion, good fortune, asking for prayers…that kind of thing, perhaps. But where do we draw the line? Are we actually causing our kids future harm by posting all of these photos, telling all of these “cute” stories that define their childhood…and possibly defines who they are later in life, without them having a say? The internet, as you know, is a permanent record. And I don’t know about you, but having a bad mark on my “permanent record” scared me as a kid and a younger man (thanks to my mother constantly reminding me of it). Maybe we should actually stop and think about it, before we post it…

• From the mailbag this week – Bernie from New York, NY writes via Facebook: “Hey John Rooke. You happy with Tom Brady’s play now?” Bernie: If you’re referring to my criticism of his play earlier in the year – which were career worst numbers in his passing statistics – I like his play just fine now, thank you. You do of course realize why his play has improved, right? A healthier Rob Gronkowski to throw to would make almost anyone a better QB. But the end is still closer to reality than many Patriot fans want to believe, my friend. The issue won’t go away. Btw, you happy with the Yankees now?  We now return you to your regularly scheduled rant…

• Interested in having your questions on local RI sports (including the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics) answered in a somewhat timely fashion? Send ‘em to me! It’s your chance to “think out loud,” so send your questions and comments to jrooke@golocalprov.com. We’ll share mailbag comments/Facebook posts/Tweets right here! Follow me on Twitter, @JRbroadcaster…and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/john.rooke ...

• Don’t forget to join us for GoLocal Sports on 103.7 FM, every Saturday from 7:00-9:00 am! Call in (401) 737-1287, or text us at 37937…and send email to the show - golocal@weei.com .

• The book “Rhode Island Radio” from Arcadia Publishing is available for sale, and it tells the story of the 91-year history of the medium in our state through photographs, clippings and memories from many of the personalities who have graced our airwaves. If you’re in search of the holiday gift that says “Rhode Island,” you’ve found it. Or, find it in local bookstores and online right here


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joe adamowicz

John, just how do you think Hurley is going to get the Rams to the top of the A 10 and even if that happened (it never will IMO) what is the value of that? In all honesty it is a watered down league now with Xavier and Butler and Temple gone. Kingston as a media market? And this UMASS ranking is short lived IMO. I expect them to be no where at season's end. Getting back to Hurley. Everybody's ranting about what a great coach he is but what exactly has he accomplished? Nothing really. Show me the Ws. They aren't there and I don't buy the give him more time line. He spends more time ranting on the sidelines in his frenzied monologue fashion and can't x and o. A junior high coach could have come up with a better play to end that game. His recruiting ability? It is way, way overrated in my book.

Wally M

Hey John, Antonio Smith should take a look at the game film! Houston had 2 wide receivers wide open at different times during the game!!!! Wow, they must have had "inside info". Anyway he and his team suck. Lot of sketchy news on Dunn, and Austin?? Is Dunn out for the year: Cooley remarks make us think he is day to day. Is Austin suspended for the rest of the year or is that issue still being resolved by school administration?
Love Chris Dunn: great energy, great team player, fan favorite, best wishes and get healthy please.

joe adamowicz

Like I said, it's hard to tell what Hurley's ability as a coach is when he all he does is yell and yell.I understand you can't take things lying down but all this guy does is yell during a game. The screaming has got to stop. Maybe this worked for him in high school but take some time to learn a few things, like drawing up a respectable play at crunch time. I am telling you, and I don't consider Wagner much more than high school, this guy is not meant to be here. He should joins the ranks of lifer high school basketball coaches. That IMO opinion is where he belongs. I didn't like how Baron dealt with issues of the program but he could coach rings around this NJ guy and the total wins in the end was always in the double digit column. I hear NJ calling. It's time to return.

John Rooke

Joe - duly noted. You don't like Dan Hurley. Suggest you now take this argument elsewhere, to those who perhaps might be willing to listen. You're beating a dead horse, so to speak. My personal experience with Hurley is that he seems to get his kids to play at a high emotional level - certainly against teams that may be better - and they seem to respond. As for x's and o's...didn't like the end play at all the other night against PC...but the Friars actually had it defensed pretty well. Biruta should have had the ball in his hands somewhere. My points above in the column are "what if's" naturally. It's a reach...but to me, a logical reach.

Wally - don't know what to say about Dunn that hasn't already been said. It's the toughest of tough breaks. I only hope he can rest, repair and return...ASAP. As for the freshmen, I personally thought they'd be back by now, but I do not believe this is a basketball matter in its entirety. Either the coach is cutting off his hands, or the school is doing it for him. They need the depth Austin can provide, desperately. The school says they want to win - and they actually might be able to THIS year. But Ed can't without the guns. Principle before pride? May be.

Rod Carri

More from Joe Adumbowit. Broken record.
Low knowledge person, babbling his venom on a subject he
know zero about.

Wally M

Thanks for your insight John. Wish you guys were on regular local radio, you know RI "The Renaissance State"!! I can't believe we do not have our own sports radio show!!! What is the big deal: couple hours in the morning couple hour in the evening?? Can't really believe the fact that with sports playing such a major role in our lives and the economy and we (RI) do not have the financial support for a sport radio show not just a sport radio show but an awesome sport's radio show!!!!! Just really pisses me off!!!

joe adamowicz

I don't know how anyone can't dispute the fact that Hurley is a screamer (yeller). IMO all this man does is screech at his team, refs, etc. Getting them to perform at a high level? How about a win??? Again, I personally think his proving ground was high school (Wagner included) and he is not qualified to be a college coach. The man needs to pack up his show and go back to NJ. There are plenty of qualified assistant coaches out there who would jump at this coaching opportunity.

Rod Carri

First of all PC fan and UConn hater, I've seen your Facebook page and it's a joke!
No family, no life, just lots of posts slamming UConn's men and women's team.
Get a life.
Your opinion of Hurley doesn't matter, because you are a know nothing.
Let me know when someone extends your contract 6 years, clown.
You need to pack up your act and move from Ipswitch to Mars.

Rod Carri


joe adamowicz

Heath Schroyer, asst. coach UNLV Rebels is AVAILABLE. Don't make mistake of waiting too long as in case of Matt Graves, Butler, now head coach South Alabama or Joyson Gee, now head coach at Longwood. Lots of composed, bright, good assistant coaches out there who know their hoops.

joe adamowicz

I'll rest my case for Hurley with one final thought. Note the picture of him in this article. This man is out of control. I heard during the George Mason game he sprinted out of the coach's box and nearly reached center court. This is a very poor example of a "professional" and he really belongs back in high school, not a D1 state university. IMO he is an embarrassment. As far as getting his "kids" to play at a high emotional level, John, come on. Let's get a coach with composure who knows how to win. (See other state universities, UMASS, UCONN). Not a coach who gets his kids to play at a high emotional level then watch other teams from the sideline during the NCAA tournament. Hurley's act is getting very old.A buy out would be a good idea.

Rod Carri

What's this "let's crap. You are exposed as a total PC freak.
I saw the GMU game and you're full of it. If Hurley went to mid court, what were the refs doing, sleeping?
The only embarassment is the swill you write.
I'd disown you if I were a PC fan. Most of the ones I know are intelligent and reasonable.
You know, unlike you.

John Rooke

Umm, Wally? Let me interrupt the p*ssing match between Joe and Rod to let you in on a secret...we HAVE a show. Every Saturday morning at 7 am. I mention it EVERY week in the column. Hope to have you tune in some time. I realize it's not prime time during the week, but "it is what it is."

Otto Benson

Interesting the way Mr. Adamowicz rants about Hurley's court antics and then offers up a similar emotion in words over and over. I suspect Mr. Adamowicz is not the brightest bulb on the planet because his comments often lack intellectual depth. Also, if Mr Carri is right, disguising your PC identity to pretend you are not biased is devious behavior that no thoughtful or fair minded person would admire.

joe adamowicz

What a shame it is that some narrow-minded posters can't seem to allow hoop fans to express their opinions and American right without getting so high and mighty. Truly a tragedy.
I think we all can agree on is that URI basketball is not the first thing off the lips of those in the know about college basketball. In fact, mention of the team is more than likely found on the other end of the figurative human anatomy. So how does this change? Well, with coaching in my opinion. And again, IMO, of which I have every right to express, Coach Hurley sadly is not the man to bring about this change.

Wally M

Hey John I do listen to you and Scott on Saturday morning but RI needs its own sports talk show!! I just can't believe a state with 4 Division 1 BB Teams and some great HS athletics along with being so close to Boston Teams and with the P-Bruins we should not only have a regular sports radio show but the best in NE!!!! With a state that has so much to offer not having it's own is a sin!!! Just saying!!

Wally M

Hey John I do listen to you and Scott on Saturday morning but RI needs its own sports talk show!! I just can't believe a state with 4 Division 1 BB Teams and some great HS athletics along with being so close to Boston Teams and with the P-Bruins we should not only have a regular sports radio show but the best in NE!!!! With a state that has so much to offer not having it's own is a sin!!! Just saying!!

joe adamowicz

"A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It's all a matter of pride."
--Nancy Lopez

I think Coach Hurley can take a page out of the great golfer Nancy Lopez' book for inspiration. The bottom line, the one we take away at the end of the season, the one we remember long after the final buzzer has sounded, is did you win the game? Well, coach did you? I know the game of life is much more than what we see on court. Nevertheless, we fans cannot help but note the W. And coach we want to know how you're going to stock up those victories. No excuses, coach. Did you get the W? So be the competitor coach, be the man who drives yourself to go harder, as this iconic golf icon urges all of us. Be the man. No excuses. You've had the time to show your stuff. Remember, a competitor will find a way to win.

Rod Carri

Great! Adumbowitless is quoting a golfer who ate herself out of being a competitor.
Why don't you go to Kingston and tell Dan what you think of him, face to face. Tell him he's not a competitor. Tell that to some of his players. Tell it to some of the Ram fans. Hurley's very accessible.
It's easy to take cheap shots hiding behind a keyboard in Ipswich.

joe adamowicz

Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high but be realistic. Prepare to give it your best, and to endure failure. But above all, persist, persist!!!

joe adamowicz

There is a wrong and a right way to compete. You can be a competitor by learning from your mistakes. Of course coach is a competitor. But he is competing the wrong way and needs to learn from his mistakes. What are these mistakes? Lack of focus. You cannot be a constant screamer and expect to learn from your mistakes. Composure is a nurturer; it allows us to concentrate and correct the errs of our ways. Remember, as Samuel Smiles once said:
"We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what we will do, by finding out what we will not do."

I think we all can agree that coach has a tough road to hoe. To some, it is a highways paved with unfathomable sinkholes that cannot be traveled. Coach H needs to travel down this abyss with wisdom and insight. He cannot be be a wild-eyed, unfocused, out-of-control, foaming at the mouth maniac who suddenly finds himself hurling chair across the gymnasium floor. Composure and insight are beautiful things and the only ways to obtain success.

Otto Benson

Yes, you are entitled to your views Mr. Adamowicz, but your tone about Hurley is mean spirited and you state opinions as if they are fact and not open to question Maybe that dogmatic approach fits with your PC and church loyalties, but it does not square with the rest of society. Finally, there is never any justification to be rude, never. And you Mr. Adamowicz are very rude indeed.

joe adamowicz

Let's all be a little more considerate and just be opened minded enough to entertain the idea that Coach Hurley just may not be the man for the program. There is nothing rude in examining the idea that coach just may not be seasoned enough for a head coaching job, and yes I am aware of what he did at Wagner but don't give that much merit. I think, and this is just my opinion, that coach B with his composure never would have lost the last two games. Just my opinion.

Rod Carri

Composure or comatose for Baron?
Arms folded behind his hear, legs straight out, like he was at the beach.
Players yelling at each other, Fights in the locker room.
Recruiting players charged with major crime, like 4 counts of first degree rape, attempted murder, armed robbery. One player working at a bar while in school,
APR so bad, URI barely avoided NCAA probation.Total lack of institutional control.
losingest coach in URI history. 11 years without a dingle win against a top 15 team.
What you know about URI basketball would echo in a thimble.
Yeah, pal, you know a lot about how wonderful Baron was.

joe adamowicz

Terrible situations with players and looking back perhaps better off without Coach B. BUT he did have multiple 20-win seasons, and IMO Coach H is never going to reach that lofty accomplishment because we really don't know if he can truly coach. Hurley needs to calm down. I think we all will admit that he is a high intensity guy but his frenzies are killing his ability to focus and hurting the team. It is really hard to tell what kind of coach he is because he spends so much time arguing with referees, etc. I for one find it really embarrassing. It's one thing to be passionate but totally a different one to be out of control. Again in my opinion this reflects on the team, which has no real point guard or direction, a terrible free throw percentage, and shoddy defense, especially during crunch time. And again in my opinion, I think a coach has a lot to do with this. Hurley simply is not the man. He can't change his personality so he needs to change his venue.

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